"Lara not only helped my husband and me open the lines of communication with one another, but she was able to do it in a way that made us both feel safe and secure. It was like talking with a great friend, and knowing that someone had our best interests at heart. I'm so very grateful for the  respectful expertise she offered us. I have to believe my marriage wouldn't have had a chance at survival without her guidance."  
Tabitha, 30

"We chose AOM because they see same sex couples and we have found Lara to be very helpful and encouraging. She has opened up our communication in our relationship. Our relationship has changed so much for the better since seeing her. Highly recommended!"
Sarah, 25

"Growing up I was always overweight, got made fun of and was told by doctors I needed to lose weight. By 7th grade I started cheering so the weight came off naturally. Then I decided to start dieting and exercising. The weight was coming off I felt powerful! People would comment on how good I was looking and wish they could be like me. Year after year I began to restrict everything and exercise out of moderation.i began to become sick constantly passing out and body was malnourished. I didn't think I had a problem though I just wanted to be thin. It was all I could control in my life. The day the doctors said "you have anorexia". I just cried and denied. It took a while to see that they are right. I was told if I didn't get better on my own I would land in treatment somewhere. Well I couldn't on my own so I went to renfrew eating disorder facility and it was a blessing! I am now almost a year in my recovery:) I see Lara every week and she is AMAZING. I know this will be a struggle all my life but I can do it:)"
Channing, 18
"I started seeing Lara for anxiety, trust, and relationship issues several months ago.  She was extremely helpful in getting to the root of the problems and overcoming them as well.  She has a ladies group weekly that is also beneficial in relating your problems to others so you don't feel alone and have the chance to help others with what they're going through."
Jenn, 34

"The Women Breaking the Cycle of Bad Relationships group has been extremely helpful to me when I was going through a very difficult time. I had to make some really hard decisions and life changes that I knew had to be done. Going to group and talking to Lara and the rest of the women about my situation really strengthened me and kept me feeling not alone in my journey. I feel extremely fortunate to have found this kind of support during such a difficult time in my life."

Donna, 42

"I have never been married and I wanted a clearer understanding of how to make a strong marriage. Lara used creative and engaging ways to help each couple understand their partner. She also gave us material we could use to reflect on after premarital coaching was over. This is the best coaching I have ever had. Very open-minded and really knows her stuff. She doesn't waste your time, and she really tries to make sure that you understand everything that is taught to you."

Bella, 25

"Lara helped us so much with preparing us and helping us plan our lives together before our big day."

Julie, 26

"Lara, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated our session on Tuesday.  For the first time in a long time I felt heard and validated.  That’s a wonderful feeling to have.  You truly are great at what you do.  Looking forward to next week."

D, 30

"I admit, I did not think that a session with Lara would be beneficial. I had it built in my head of what therapy or counseling or whatever the nom du jour should be. Overstuffed leather chair, lots of books everywhere, and a chilly draft in the air.

I got the books right, at least. But I was wrong about everything else, and I’m very thankful for it. Meeting with Lara is just a conversation. That’s all she expects it to be. There’s no pressure to divulge your innermost secrets, no painful tongue lashing of how crazy or messed up you are. She is just there to talk. Getting better, understanding yourself, healing, those are the nice side effects.
And while we did not start off under the happiest of circumstances, it has reached the point that my talks with Lara are a highlight of my week. I can speak openly and frankly about my issues, what I’ve done right, what I’ve done wrong, how to move forward and how to learn from my past, and know that she isn’t judgmental. She’s heard worse, she’s heard better and she’s helped all of them try to reach some balance in their life.
But even though I wish that I had started with her earlier, these past four months of meeting and talking and learning have been the four most eye-opening months of my life. I’m finally learning to live the right way and also to love the right way."

R, 25

"Unsure of exactly what marriage counseling entailed, my husband and I visited Lara with preconceived notions of what was to come. Little did we know, Lara truly had an "Open Mind." She made us feel extremely comfortable with any subject that came about; we couldn't have asked for a better experience. She treated us like old friends of hers, she truly is an amazing person. I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone out there looking!"


"When my fiancée called Lara, I honestly didn't think it would do much good. It was just a last-ditch effort to stay together for the sake of our child. We didn't have the money, didn't have childcare, etc. Lara was very understanding about things and within just a few months things started slowly improving when we used the techniques she gave us. We backslid a bit, but she patiently led us back to the plan she laid out. After a few months, we were happier than ever. Now we're married and haven't had a "blow out" fight in months."

Ashley, 23

"Lara is, without a doubt, the BEST counselor I've ever seen -- and I've seen several throughout the course of my life. She is extremely empathetic, kind, and compassionate while also being 100% honest and straightforward. I have been to her for one-on-one therapy as well as relationship counseling, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for direction, trying to overcome challenges, etc. Thank you, Lara!"


"Lara was a huge help when I needed it. I am very happy now and it took me a little while to believe that I deserved more than what I was getting. I give a lot of thanks to her! She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone."

L, 25

"Lara, oh my goodness... Where do I begin? I owe you my life, plain and simple! You will never, ever know how much I appreciate all you have done for me, but hopefully this small token will be a start! You rescued me, protected me, kept me sane, fought for me and supported me! You were heaven sent!"

A, 40

"Words cannot express my gratitude for you being there for me during a miserable time! I have so enjoyed you as a good (therapist) friend. You have helped me see much on how to understand myself and my past. You have made me a better person! I will miss all of our talk. So I hope we can still keep in touch. One good thing came out of this big mess, I met you! May God bless you and your family and keep up the good work!"


"He proposed and I said “yes”. You played a HUGE part in our life!! Thank you!!"


"I hope Santa is good to you and your family…thank you for everything you did for mine!!"


"I hope you and Scott and the boys had a great Christmas. I also wanted to thank you for all the support and advice you provided me this year. Happy New Year!"


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