Coaching Services:

We offer all of our coaching services over the internet or over the phone for clients that are long distance, lead busy life-styles or that are disabled.

Intimacy Coaching

Physical ǀ Social ǀ Intellectual ǀ

 Emotional ǀ Spiritual

Dating Coaching

Find Lasting Love ǀ Understand Past Relationship Failures ǀ Learn about Various Dating Avenues

Life Coaching

Anger Management ǀ Stress ǀ Pornography Addiction ǀ Sexual Addiction ǀ Situational Depression ǀ Lack of Motivation

Relationship Coaching

Communication ǀ Infidelity ǀ 

Intimacy or Sexual Issues ǀ Separation ǀ Divorce ǀ 

Domestic Violence ǀ Family Conflict ǀ Parenting Issues/Conflict ǀ Co-Parenting Issues/Conflict ǀ Anger and Resentment ǀ Adults with Asperger's Syndrome 



Parent-Teen Relationship Coaching

Trust ǀ  Independence and Control ǀ

Communication ǀ Conflict Resolution ǀ Family Stability ǀ Expectations and Rules ǀ Life Skills ǀ Social Skills 

ǀ Work on:

Communication; Expression of feelings; Conflict Resolution; Social Skills; Behavioral Problems; Anxiety and Fears; Sadness; Stress; School Problems; Anger Management; Asperger's Syndrome.

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