My fiancé is a “mamma’s boy.” How do I break him of always agreeing with his mother and always having to please her!?

Ewwww…that’s a hard one.  This answer could go on and on for days, because every mother/son relationship is so different, but so similar at the same time.  This issue will likely never go away completely as it seems to be the bond between most mothers and sons is unbreakable.  You have to set your boundary as his WIFE and not as his second mother in the very beginning.  You and his mother will have two very separate roles in his life, which will also consist of two very different opinions.  She will always cook his favorite meals and iron his shirts his favorite way.  That’s alright, because you do all kinds of new things for him that she has never done and he likes those too.  If it comes down to him actually putting her needs and feelings before your own, professional help is highly recommended to squash that before it squashes the marriage.  

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